Brand History

  1. Founded in 1917; starts in 1918 the production of cars
  2. In 1933,acquisition by FIAT Group
  3. In 1937 The Plants Of Milan And Brescia Are Unified And The agricultural Machinery Division Of SuzzaraIs Incorporated With TheGrowth Of 3 New Segments 1.Buses, Trucks 2.Rail Equipment, Agricultural Tractors, Forklift Trucks, Marine Engines & 3.Engine Pumps And Cooling Systems
  4. In 1957 OM becomes FIAT Carrelli Elevatori, belonging to IVECO Division
  5. In 1961 PIMESPO, Piccola Industria Meccanica sul Po was born in Luzzara, manufacturing WH Trucks
  6. In 1981 FIAT IVECO acquires PIMESPO
  7. In 1992 LINDE Group acquires from FIAT the Forklift Division
  8. In 2002 the Company changes his name into OM Carrelli Elevatori keeping the Brand OM PIMESPO.
  9. In 2005 Luzzara becomes a Plant for the whole STILL Group
  10. In 2006 Linde, Still and OM are unified into the KION Group.
  11. In 2017, OM launched in Indian market